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  • Increased muscularity

  • Enhanced strength

  • Fat loss

  • No Estrogenic effects

  • Weak Androgen

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Turinobol (known as Tbol), is a derivative of Dianabol; however, it’s a very contrasting compound.

Tbol does not aromatize, and thus it causes no water retention and decreases the risk of gynecomastia forming; which is the opposite of Dianabol.

Thus, the mass users pack on with Tbol are lean and dry gains, with their weight fluctuating less compared to a Dianabol cycle, where more water weight will be gained; resulting in puffy and smooth muscles.

With an 8-week cycle of Turinabol, users are likely to gain roughly 16lbs (7kg), which can be retained post-cycle, with an effective PCT.

Turinabol is a light steroid, and thus most users don’t notice much in terms of side effects. With Tbol being an oral, some liver toxicity is to be expected; however, this isn’t deemed to be excessive.

Turinabol is less androgenic than Dianabol, therefore acne and hair loss symptoms are less likely to occur (although still possible).


Turinabol Cycles

Turinabol is commonly taken in dosages of 15-40mg/per day. The lower end of this range is tailored for improvements in athletic performance, with 40mg being more optimal for bodybuilders looking to add lean mass.

Turinabol is typically taken for 6-8 weeks, which is a somewhat lengthy oral cycle, due to its longer ester structure (slow-acting properties).

Turinabol-Only Cycle (For Men)

turinabol only cycle for men
Intermediate bodybuilders may choose to extend the above cycle to 8 weeks if their liver enzymes and blood pressure are under control.

Some bodybuilders increase their dosage up to 80mg/day; however, this is unnecessary and will cause great toxicity. If users experience no positive effects on 40mg/day, there is a high chance the compound is not Turinabol, but instead a placebo (or heavily diluted).

Turinabol-Only Cycle (For Women)

truinabol only cycle for women
Such low dosages of Tbol (5mg) are unlikely to cause male secondary sex characteristics in women.

Females have only a fraction of a male’s endogenous testosterone level, thus only small dosages of steroids are needed to produce exceptional results and drastic improvements in body composition.

Turinabol and Testosterone Cycle

testosterone turinabol cycle

Turinabol and Testosterone complement each other well, with Testosterone failing to pose any strain on the liver; whilst causing only mild fluctuations in cholesterol.

This duo can be used as a bulking or cutting cycle, it simultaneously promoting lean mass gain and fat loss.

Testosterone is one of the most effective bulking AAS, producing exceptional muscularity and strength gains. Cypionate and Enanthate are popular esters among bodybuilders, promoting slow and steady, yet significant results.

If used as a cutting cycle, an anti-estrogen may be used to prevent water retention from the addition of Testosterone. Letrozole or Anastrozole are popular options, inhibiting aromatization (the conversion of testosterone into estrogen).

Erection quality and function can decrease in the latter stages of a Turinabol-only cycle, due to its low androgenicity. Weak androgens often cause a decline in sexual health, due to the lowering of DHT levels. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) plays a crucial role in nitric oxide production, needed for optimal blood flow and circulation to the penis.

Therefore, by stacking Turinabol with an androgenic steroid (like Testosterone), users can maintain high levels of DHT and nitric oxide production — preventing impotence.

However, high DHT levels can also cause more frequent incidents of hair loss (on the scalp), acne vulgaris, and prostate enlargement.

Turinabol vs Anavar

Turinabol and Anavar are similar, with both of them being orals and non-estrogenic compounds.

They both promote lean muscle mass, strength gains, and fat loss.

However, Turinabol’s effects are believed to be slightly more pronounced compared to Anavar, thus Tbol may have an edge in terms of muscle and strength gains.

On the flip side, Turinabol may cause slightly more side effects than Anavar, such as higher fluctuations in cholesterol, ALT/AST liver enzymes, and further testosterone suppression.

Turinabol is considerably cheaper to buy on the black market compared to Anavar, with Oxandrolone being one of the most expensive steroids (costing as much as several hundred dollars per cycle).

Some users suggest that Turinabol causes less synovial fluid dehydration, thus being more joint-friendly than Anavar (and Winstrol). This may be of interest to bodybuilders who perform fewer repetitions, lifting heavier weights.

Anavar is a female-friendly steroid that rarely produces virilization effects, and the same may be true for Turinabol.

However, due to Turinabol’s slightly more potent nature, it is fair to assume that Anavar is a safer compound for women. Since Anavar’s creation in 1962, there is more research available regarding its effects on women; plus it continues to be used in medicine today.

Turinabol however is not FDA-approved to treat any catabolic illness and is seldom taken by female weightlifters; making it a less understood compound.

Summary: Pros and Cons


  • Moderate increases in lean muscle
  • Fat loss
  • Significant improvements in endurance
  • No estrogen-related side effects
  • No androgenic side effects
  • Side effects are relatively mild
  • Suitable for women in cautious dosages


  • Mildly hepatotoxic
  • HDL cholesterol suppressive
  • Lack of pharmaceutical products available

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